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Friday, June 11, 2004 

Before I forget

Last night I headed over to Jer's to watch Brian's copy of the Firefly DVDs, which he had kindly lent Jer. Jacklin managed to head over a little later too.

Now, I was very resistant to the hype for this show. All these geeks running around with frothing mouths masturbating frantically to the very thought of a new Joss Whedon show (NB. none of my friends or people I know personally are to be included in that description) did not exactly make me excited about the show. I figured they were all blowing things out of proportion, until Jer and Brian started talking about how good it was.

And it is. Words fail me. I've only seen the (90 minute) pilot and one other episode, and by half an hour in I knew Fox was insane for mistreating this show so bad. If you like good TV, even if you don't normally like science fiction, westerns, or whatever, you owe it to yourself to check those DVDs out. Whedon and co. could do a lot worse than try some sort of Marillion approach; get us all to pre-order a new DVD and chip in $50 or so each (because we would, once we'd seen the show) to make more content. Something like that needs to happen - at least Homicide got a good run, this one was strangled in its crib.

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