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Monday, February 21, 2005 

Irregular Google check dept.

So unlike last time, when I held four of the five top results for "Ian Mathers", this time I have only two, and those are two and five. Which you know, is interesting but I can't say I really care. What does kind of bug me is that to get to this page you actually have to use "ian mathers fractionals" as a search string, and even then I'm four down. WTF mate?

I hold the top spots for the following:
Gordon Bird
Gord Bird
Malicious Intent

Since I changed the link to Tylers page to include his name, he also holds the top google spot for "Tyler Coffin"

I don't know why Google loves me, but I'll change your link to include your name, and mark my words, inside a week you'll hold number 1.


[/Mr. Burns]

Yeah.. so it worked...

I'm a google super hero.

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