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Tuesday, May 09, 2006 

Human after all

I don't like Dick Cheney, obviously, but it warms my heart to hear that when Mary Cheney came out to her parents, "Dad said he loved her and just wanted her to be happy."

I wish my own parents had been that accepting of me when I was that age. And I wasn't even gay!

Well jeeze, maybe if you had been they would have.

maybe I'll give it a try next time I see them. Mom, dad, I'm gay! love me!

On the one hand, in the abstract I think that would be hilarious. On the other, not so much.

Also, this would mean you would have to dress Adrian up as a girl.


my boss was trying to convince me that Adrian was a girl's name anyway (I do know an Adrienne (female), but I know 3 guys named Adrian... sooo...)

oh, and Adrian's already mostly gay as it is. he'd make a hot girl.

this is totally do-able.

Don't make me say "DO EET" again, young lady.



(In other news, I am 8 years old)

no no! james brown!

Oh. I'm black and I'm proud?

yes that one. BUT SAY IT LOUD

You're not the boss of me.


I'm gonna go see art brut tonight. yay for art brut!

nevermind. sickness overcame me. there is no way I'm making it over to art brut tonight.

why can't they have concerts at 6pm when i'm all hyped up and awake from my commute home still??

That sucks. Late concerts on work nights suck.

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