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Sunday, March 01, 2009 

The cold echo chamber

I'm not normally one to google myself (well, no more so than anyone else), but every so often I stumble upon someone out there who's referred to something I write. I never have any idea this has happened (I have no idea how to see who links to things here, for example), and it's always been a wonderful surprise, as whatever the quality of my writing might be, the people who respond to it have been to a person astute, well-written and generally of a higher level of quality than generally found on the internet.

While looking for my Perforations essay on Joy Division and hauntology* I stumbled onto this amazing post on Joy Division, Control, k-punk and depression. The post itself doesn't mention my essay (and who cares? It is essential reading anyways) but I'm very grateful that Amy in the comments did mention it, both because it's nice to think someone read and liked my work and also because I wouldn't have stumbled onto Emmy's brave, necessary and true post without it.

*(Apologies for the wonkiness of the some of the links; I tried to fix them, but couldn't. Ah well.)

I'm thinking I should pay more attention to Joy Division. They're rewarding me so far... Oooh, you may have a convert just yet ;-)

You should probably hear the Les Bains Douche live album (I know, I know) if you like their rougher, more energetic stuff. Let me know if you're interested...

Technorati is quite good for seeing what else has linked to you.


Ah, very cool! Thanks.

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