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Friday, August 06, 2004 


As (perhaps) the culmination of the current resurgence of my love for Talking Heads, I've been thinking about what I'd put on a one-disc best of if I had to (to convert a friend, maybe - for some reason I'm thinking of Pete). This is what I've come up with, complete with a mini live set in the middle (from Stop Making Sense, naturally; my biggest Heads gap is that I have yet to hear The Name Of This Band Is Talking Heads, which has been reissued, apparantly). Unfortunately I could get any of their more interesting but less obvious matieral in there; "Electric Guitar", "Drugs", "Seen And Not Seen", "The Overload" and so on. I couldn't even fit in "I Zimbra", which I love, or more correctly I eventually decided it was just slightly less essential than what's here. If anyone out there would like a burned copy of this (to find out what I've been babbling about all this time), my email is listed on the right.

Facts Just Twist the Truth Around: The Best of Talking Heads
01. Born Under Punches (The Heat Goes On) (5:49)
02. Sugar On My Tongue (2:36)
03. This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody) (4:56)
04. Psycho Killer (4:20)
05. Life During Wartime (3:41)
06. Animals (3:30)
07. (Nothing But) Flowers (5:34)
08. Take Me To The River (5:02)
09. Thank You For Sending Me An Angel (Live) (2:09)
10. Heaven (Live) (3:41)
11. Burning Down The House (Live) (4:06)
12. Girlfriend Is Better (Live) (5:06)
13. Once In A Lifetime (Live) (5:25)
14. The Big Country (5:30)
15. City Of Dreams (5:08)
16. Crosseyed And Painless (4:47)

Total: 71:20

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