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Monday, February 07, 2005 

Listening frequencies

After having listened to both while reading Phenomenology Of Perception in fits and starts, I think Andrew Unterberger may be right; I do enjoy Isn't Anything more than Loveless as a whole, and I do listen to the former more often. Although I certainly love the songs on the latter (and as Andrew notes, the closing combination of "What You Want" and "Soon" are as sublime as anything else you can think of), as an album (whisper it) Loveless doesn't work terribly well.

Which is kind of confusing, really, because the tracks taken individually are so powerful. I think Andrew's thesis, that there's too much of the same thing, has something to do with it, but as I've been reading Merleau-Ponty I'm beginning to think there are existential reasons as well. I can't put my finger on that more precisely, nor would I subject you to it if I could.

I do have limits on what I'll ramble on about in this space, believe it or not.

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