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Monday, May 09, 2005 

Blast from the past

For some reason I've had the Verve's "Velvet Morning" from Urban Hymns in my head all afternoon. I got that album on the same birthday I received OK Computer on, and it's probably been at least as influential on my listening habits. I can understand why someone like Nick doesn't like it, but I heard it first and I actually like it better than A Northern Soul - to say nothing of A Storm In Heaven, which I no longer own but if it was remixed properly would be willing to try again. About the only UK spacerock album with curiously muted production I can still stand is Lazer Guided Melodies, and that only in the right mood.

But, Urban Hymns. I actually like the second half better, although there should be no gap and secret track after "Come On", and they could stand to lose "Neon Wilderness". I think I should listen to it again when I get home.

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