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Thursday, September 15, 2005 

Signs of life

Excellent post over at Popular on "Paint It, Black". Good to see Tom hasn't given up, as busy as he is.

That is a good post.

Depending on the day, that's my favorite Stones song.

What are the other contenders?

No intention of giving up! The mid-60s are slow going, though, the treacle of history impedes progress.

Glad to hear it, Tom!

By the way, my next podcast at Stylus is going to be featuring Thieves' "Unworthy", a song I would have never ever heard if not for yourself, so belated thanks for posting it up on FT.

The other main contender is "Jumpin' Jack Flash," but I find "Gimme Shelter" pretty pleasing in a chilling way.

I didn't "get" "Jumpin' Jack Flash" until I say Scorsese's Mean Streets. Both those tracks are pretty awesome, but there's just something about "Paint It, Black".

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