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Thursday, November 10, 2005 

Weird tea

So after the gym (which is after work) I headed downtown to deposit the refund I had coming to me for my memory stick. I was originally told I wouldn't be getting it unless I mailed in some bullshit proof, and I didn't (too much hassle for $21) and it showed up anyways. So I popped by the bank and found out that Music In Orbit is moving... to Kitchener. Darn. I'll have to drop by their moving sale this weekend.

In any case, the nominal "point" of this entry is that I stopped by a place downtown to get some takeout sushi and shrimp tempura for dinner, and while I was waiting they very nicely gave me some warm tea to drink. It was good but strangely familiar, and after asking I discovered that it's a kind of tea made from roasted corn (or something). It was very nice, had almost a smoky flavour to it. I would recommend it. When I asked I was shown the bag it comes in, and it wasn't in nice tea bags or anything - it appeared to be actual roasted corn.

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