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Monday, June 19, 2006 

End of an era

So Saturday I attended the aforementioned wedding of Jobe and Amy, which was small, informal (as far as this sort of thing goes) and very lovely. Probably the nicest one I've attended as an adult (no offence to anyone else, and yes there's one coming up I'm sure will be even nicer), and we stayed around for beer and food for a couple of hours afterwards.

After that I went to Aaron and Christa's for a apartmentwarming party, which was a ton of fun. I went home briefly to pick up video games for them, and to change undershirts, but not to change out of the suit - I was rocking it all night long. My only concession to the fact I was now at a party was to untuck the shirt.

So six or seven hours of hockey game, euchre, mario kart and etc. later I walked down to the Shadow (in my suit, sharpest dressed guy downtown I guarantee) and proceded to get nicely smashed with Ben and Wes and at least some of all the people who've come out over the years. This was their last night, and we sent the place out in fine style, with a fez and shots, high fives and a little property destruction. You really had to be there, but it was one of those nights, as they say.

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