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Wednesday, June 14, 2006 

"people don't change"

Some comments from David Shore, on the next season of House:

Being shot by an angry widower in the season finale won't trigger an epiphany for the cynical and sarcastic master diagnostician... "We're going to go down that road a little bit, but people don't change," David Shore said at the Banff Television Festival.


There were fleeting moments last season when House appeared to show glimmers of humanity and decency. Don't get used to that.

"If we were making him softer, I'm sorry," laughed Shore... "That was a mistake."


"I think in TV that rather than have characters evolve, you want to peel more of the onion away," said Shore.

Oh yeah, I don't have huge alarms going off on my brain right now. On the one hand, I keep feeling chagrined I haven't written the article on House and sequential drama I'm going to do for Stylus; on the other, I'm glad I'll be able to use this. I should get going on that.

Hey--how do you feel about "Deadwood"? I watched some of the second season last week and thought of you.

I haven't seen it! We only have basic cable. But from what I've heard and the samples of dialogue I've had described to me, I think I'd like it a whole lot. I'm a sucker for good profanity, and I hear it's a good show over and above that.

The profanity is crazy delicious. I squealed with delight after about 25 minutes...realizing "Hey, every character is gonna talk funny like that!"

Clearly I must track this down on DVD.

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