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Saturday, June 10, 2006 

Pillow talk

As a guy who unashamedly owns a copy of His Girl Friday and who just hasn't gotten around to buying Say Anything yet, I can only applaud Allison Gilmor's depiction of the sorry state of the romantic comedy.

It Happened One Night is still one of the most amazing films ever made. You should get it through Canuckflix or whatever you guys have up there. Or just buy it. It's that fucking good.

It is indeed one of the most amazing films ever made - I saw it in film class four or five years ago and loved it. And you're right, I should buy it.

I'll second all of those movies, and pretty much any screwball/romantic comedy pre-1960 or so.

That article's right on about the writing problems, but not the rushed paragraph on the culture.

I think I missed the culture thing.

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