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Monday, June 26, 2006 

Tiny reminders

This week's A Touching Display is based around tracks from albums I hope everyone remembers when it's time to make year-end lists for 2006. Some of them (Mountains) I'm hopeful at least Stylus will recognize, others (Mates of State) I'm not so sure.

Great podcast. You'll be causing the sale of a Camera Obscura and a Mountains CD soon.

Excellent! Both of Mountains' CDs are deeply, deeply worthy of purchase; the first has fewer, longer tracks, and is a little less "accesible", but it's still gorgeous.

If I get around to hearing the Mates of State record there's a good chance I'll be putting in my list - I really love that sort of thing.

Is that a hint? Is there a particular email address at which you'd like to receive the album?

actually, not a hint... rather just musing on one of the thousands (i think the total is up to about 3075) of records that i look at and think, "hey, yeah, i like those guys! i should give that a listen" and yet i never get around to doing so. but, hey, i'm not one to pass up an offer like that. i'll email you.

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