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Monday, July 03, 2006 

Monday roundup

Still tired, mostly from staying up too late last night. It's sad, but when Ben is out of town I start thinking "I have the apartment all to myself... I can blast the Goslings real loud after 11! I can wash the dishes to the strains of Rachel Stevens! I don't have to put on a shirt to go watch Grey's Anatomy, because we don't have company!" Not that I mind company, at all, but it's a wonderful thing to be able to wander around your apartment in as little as possible when it's as warm and humid as last night was.

Anyways, today brings us:

A gallery of the last punk night at the Shadow; includes such wonders as Ben looking pretty awesomely drunk in the last couple of pictures, Casey and Ben Decay (not my brother) grabbing their crotches because they'd just hit each other, and me in a suit. With Orbax. Who is giving the shocker. Because we are all about class.

A special all-70s edition of A Touching Display. 's good. Go download it.

Belatedly, a link to my Mogwai article on the New Pollution. I completely forgot to post when it went up. I'm not 100% happy with how it turned out, but this is my first time working with those guys and my first time writing this kind of article. I think it's still worth a read, although your mileage may (as always) vary. Stuart Braithwaite was a lot of fun to interview, in any case.

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