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Tuesday, July 04, 2006 

Some people should not own animals

So every so often CBC brings me this kind of story; someone with way too many animals, the authorities find out, they remove the animals, many of them are usually injured/ill enough they must be put down. Depressing enough already, right?

Hud described killing some of the cats by putting plastic bags over them and putting them in holes in the ground. "They meow for a while, but after that, no. It's pretty fast," he said.

Hud said he had no choice but to do what he did.

"If I didn't, I'd a had a hundred," he said.

Okay, so that's worse than normal. But you know what really gets me? The article ends by noting that Hud still has cats. Does this not seem like a mistake to anyone else?

I understand your desire to post something like this. But for the more sensitive among us, could you maybe just link to the article or at least not quote the worst bits of it in your post? I try to avoid reading articles like that because I don't want to know the details. It's bad enough to know people like that exist.

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