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Saturday, November 01, 2008 

In retrograde

Working in the used CD field, you get some idea of what people in your area want. And we do sell some new CDs, in the form of our new releases chart. It's been a surprise, however, that aside from the predictable rush of purchases of all the
'big' new releases (AC/DC, Metallica, et al), the one CD that I've been selling tons of is Bloc Party's Intimacy, and not just to the indie kids that you'd expect would be picking it up. It's an odd record, and an even odder one if you're thinking in terms of crossovers into mainstream success (why it and not, say, Dear Science is striking a chord I have no idea). I have no idea if this success if being replicated on a macro scale, but I can at least say that Guelph seems to like their new direction.

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