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Friday, June 19, 2009 

I think my face is falling off

So I've been sidelined with a bad case of folliculitis since Monday. I haven't slept properly since last week and the multiple medications I'm on (including one often used to kill tumours that I got after I visited the hospital Wednesday morning because I wasn't getting better on antibiotics and Benedryl, yeesh) have left me more than a little braindead. I don't tend to get sick often and until the last few months I hadn't been on any medication for anything since I was a kid barring the odd aspirin, so I tend to be a real suck when I do get something.

Anyway, the medication is kicking the crap out of my rash even as it kicks the crap out of me (which means instead of tender and itchy my face is tender and flaky, which is a little discomfiting), and a few years back I finally learned that it's okay to convalesce sometimes, so I haven't been getting much work done, just taking it easy and trying to get back to my normal mental acuity. There is a new review of the Seeland record up at PopMatters, but things are likely to be quiet around here (and in terms of me responding to emails, etc.) until I'm feeling better.

Get well soon mate!


Feel better.

It's raining anyway. You're not missing much.

Well, it's been lovely up here... I feel mostly back to normal, except for my sleep schedule. Hopefully that will go back to normal soon too.

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