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Tuesday, June 09, 2009 

Summer Jamz 09: Nick Southall & Ian Mathers–”Summer Pain”

1. Spiritualized – Medication (EP Version) (8:16)
2. Mogwai – Sine Wave (4:55)
3. Dinosaur Jr. – Feel the Pain (4:20)
4. The Smiths – Still Ill (3:32)
5. Six By Seven – Speed Is In, Speed Is Out (2:34)
6. Low – Medicine Magazines (4:34)
7. Morphine – Cure for Pain (3:15)
8. Horse Feathers – Mother’s Sick (4:36)
9. Siobhan Donaghy – Overrated (4:47)
10. Frank Black – Headache (2:53)
11. Animal Collective – Summertime Clothes (4;30)
12. The Tragically Hip – Titanic Terrarium (4:34)
13. The Beta Band – Needles in My Eyes (4:32)
14. Dirty Three – Some Summers They Drop Like Flys (6:20)

Total: 63:38

I’ve had the fortune, in my life so far, to be pretty well. A serious dose of chickenpox at 19 that left me looking, after three days, slightly decomposed. A virulent bout of real, bona fide influenza 18 months ago that left both me and my girlfriend bed-ridden and hallucinating for the best part of a week. A few low-level brushes with tonsillitis. A propensity for headaches as a child. A bad back from poor computer posture, easily corrected. A series of minor football injuries – sprained ankles, twisted knees. Nothing serious. I’ve never had a blood test, or a filling at the dentist. But as I approached, and then vaulted past (in mid May) 30 years on this planet, my body has started crumbling. Ian, too, has found himself in the wars in this last few months, and with this in mind, we’ve decided to theme our mix around this common unifying factor; intense physical pain. (Nick Southall)

Our full write up, as well as the link to download this mix (properly tagged with rudimentary album art and everything), is over at The Passion of the Weiss. While you're there, you may want to note that we're far from the first (or the last) of the Summer Jamz 09 mixes Jeff is kindly hosting - plenty of familiar names from Stylus, and lots of incredible work there. Ours is a bit more, err, indie mixtape than a lot of them, but it came together really well, I think - Nick and I were definitely on the same wavelength when making this mix, every time he'd send me another song I'd go "why didn't I think of that one?" Hopefully you guys get something out of it. Enjoy!

This looks awesome.



Hans, I direct you to my IMP page. And I guess I have to see to getting that "Against Waste" mix up too, huh?

I just downloaded this. I really love it. Where does that Six By Seven track come from? I'd never actually heard them but I really like that song...

It's from their fantastic third album The Way I Feel Today. Their first two albums, the "Stooges on smack" debut The Things We Make and the "Stooges on PCP" follow-up The Closer You Get are absolutely worth tracking down as well - the three together form one of the great unheralded runs by one of the great unheralded bands of the last few decades.

Seriously, try to track them down, you will not regret it.

oh my god, Ian, you're not even 30 yet are you?

Stop whining. It gets much worse -- and much better and worse again.

And you can scoff at the kids who are ironically wearing concert tee-shirts that you used to wear for real. And refuse to throw the ball back when it lands in your yard. And bitch about how much movies cost, cos you used to go every saturday for a quarter (oops, that's my mom, don't think I've ever gotten in for less than a dollar...)

See, there's lots to look forward to.

27! But my family has been joking that I'm prematurely old since I was about 8. But I didn't think I was whining - I included a Louis C.K. clip, fer chrissake!

I do remember when comic books were 75 cents, though. So what did you think of the mix?

Sure I've said this before, but I rate both The Things We Make and The Closer You Get above The Way I Feel Today. Still like it, though for me it's the beginning of the slide that came after.

A fantastic opening trio of songs. (Before the year's out, I'll be seeing both Dinosaur Jr AND J Mascis & The Fog!) Absolutely loving 'Summertime Clothes' at the moment too.

Honestly, I rate them slightly above The Way I Feel Today as well, but I adore all three albums so it's a little moot.

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