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Tuesday, May 26, 2009 

All the very best of us string ourselves up for love

So I watched the end of the redone Battlestar Galactica. What a show. What an ending! I simply don't understand people who still had questions about Starbuck or head Six/head Baltar, or the Opera House, or pretty much anything else. And yes, parts of the "150,000 years later" bit were lame, but so what? 99% of it was more gripping and emotionally affecting than anything I've seen on TV barring maybe The Wire.

It's rare to see any show tackle so deeply and with such complexity issues of prejudice and rule of law and love and cycles of violence and trust and identity and parenthood and a myriad of other things and still have me caring so much about so many characters. Did the show have problems? Of course, and as time passes I've already had conversations with more than one friend about the holes you can notice or pick in it once you've seen it. But the important part is, those conversations don't actually change how much I like the show.

"it was more gripping and emotionally affecting than anything I've seen on TV barring maybe The Wire"

...and that's because you haven't seen Six Feet Under yet.

You know, between you and my mom and Meredith, if that show isn't instantly the best thing ever I'm going to be very, very resentful.

As it is, I'm doubtful and feeling stubborn. So stop nagging me about it.

Also, that maybe is just because I still haven't seen the end of The Wire.

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