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Tuesday, January 11, 2005 


Mclusky have ended it. I posted about it on the Stylus blog, but wanted to mention it here too, since I think it sucks. I didn't like their last album too much as a transitional effort, but if it's their last I may have to pick it up. Don't ask me to explain that. I guess it depends on how much "Slay!" still annoys me.

Anyway, it's late, but if I were a betting man I'd place money on there being a Floating World sometime this week on a Mclusky song. I'm just sayin'.

Anyway, surf by the site and check out the video for "She Will Only Bring You Happiness" if you get the chance. Think a cheerfully misanthropic take on Blur's "Coffee & TV", only with bowling pins. Worth a look.

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