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Saturday, January 08, 2005 

Engines of grief

I had to wait until today to link it, as Something Awful doesn't let you link directly to the current day's update, but please go read yesterday's tirade. Zach starts with some awfully good points and then willfully (and explicitly) descends into furious satire:

"I used to see nuance and diversity in religions and their various followers. That luxury has been swept away by the wave propelling quasi-theocratic scum to success and power. I now resort to their weapon; the hateful generality. Religion is the tool of corrupt men and women with shallow principles and reluctance to see the world outside the monochrome. If you are declared evil for what you believe or who you are, surely you are then justified in returning the favor."

I don't agree with the second half, of course, but it's well worth your time. Also: Very fucking funny.

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