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Monday, January 03, 2005 

Plus ca change, etc.

There's a new look up over at the journal, but fiddling around with the html (it was originally designed for diaryland, not diary-x) has kept me up late enough the entry will have to wait until tomorrow.

Well, actually, 90% of the actual work took maybe twenty minutes, but a vain effort to get the archives looking proper took an hour or so and didn't work. For the simple reason that the same diary-x substitution tag apparantly refers to two things at once. I'm very frustrated, and I'm going to sleep now.

And before (or in case) anybody asks, no I'm not going to try to get the accents correct if I post something in French or any other language. I'm spectacularly rubbish at it, too lazy to want to look it up every time, and respect all of your intelligence enough to assume you'll figure it out anyways.

The good ol' 90-10 rule. 10% of a project will take 90% of the time/effort.

Very strip-y

Stripe-y. No strippers were involved.

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