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Wednesday, February 02, 2005 

Because you stood still

Back to Guelph now; Low were great, although they played enough new material that a significant number of people left. They probably came for Pedro the Lion anyways, who were decent but I'm not particularly a fan. I had enough time to write down the set list, and I got all three of them to autograph it, since that's how we do in Fanboy Land. The set:

Death Of A Salesman
Just Stand Back
(That's How You Sing) Amazing Grace
When You Walked
Everybody's Song
Silver Rider
Cue The Strings
Broadway (So Many People)
I Remember
When I Go Deaf


"Monkey" and "Just Stand Back" were admittedly a bit rough, but this was the first night of the tour. But the new material was mostly really successful; "Everybody's Song" was awesome, "Cue The Strings" was done acoustically and was still really good (if a bit more obviously melodically indebted to "Will The Night" and "Pissing" was fucking transcendant (as was "(That's How You Sing) Amazing Grace"). Shame was rather magical, and I can see how a whole set of that sort of thing would be great; but I can't say I'm sad that's not what they did. I was already of the opinion that The Great Destroyer was going to be finding space on my year-end list, but I'm a little more certain now.

Oh, and K got a really great t-shirt; It's got a few little drawings of horses and says "I'm not interested in cool. I'm interested in beautiful." Technically a Low shirt, but it doesn't have the band's name on it at all.

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