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Tuesday, February 22, 2005 


The Onion's AV club, or more specifically Tasha Robinson, gets it. Great picture caption, too. I refuse to watch that fucking movie.

I'm glad I never read the books you gave me. I found the flick entertaining. It actually held my attention all the way through, and was suprisingly subtle in places.

I agree with the review though. Reeves is really miscast here. You needed someone closer to Bruce Willis in demeanour, but in their late 30s.

Though I saw a preview of A Scanner Darkly. Looked neat. They've perfected the tech from Waking Life and seem to wield it well.

Oh, I'm still looking forward to A Scanner Darkly, and think Keanu will be great. My comment on the movie is this: If they just hadn't pretended it was the same thing as Hellblazer, I probably would have liked it. But I've already experience the story and so, as Robinson says, I have to wonder why they didn't, you know, actually adapt it.

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