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Saturday, March 05, 2005 

It's not all downloading

I've been spending the evening actually listening to music for leisure purposes (imagine!), getting acquainted with The Italian Flag (which is everything Swygart said it was; I've just ordered Backsaturday, and will probably get more when possible) and re-aquainted with 458489 A Sides and Bend Sinister. If I'm in the wrong mood listening to the Fall absolutely does not work for me, but between repeat listens to The Italian Flag it worked just fine.

But, as when I've been listening to Low albums, I want something else in a similar vein. And looking at my shelf I see nothing that quite works (although some stuff comes close in various ways; Shellac/Big Black/Rapeman, Life Without Buildings, more Fall, but mostly stuff I haven't processed and therefore do not yet love). I know some music people read this, so any recommendations in the comments box would be appreciated.

And of course, the only other thing I listened to today was The Pretty Toney Album, which continues to grow on me. I think the local record store has a used copy of Supreme Clientele, something else to check out when I get paid again...

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