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Thursday, September 15, 2005 

Free to a good home

Does anyone (well, anyone local) want a computer? Free? Including monitor and keyboard and mouse and all that? It's just a Pentium 900, 256 megs of ram, but it's got an "100 gig" hard drive (in practise about an 80), and it always worked well for me. I don't really want to throw it out. Anyone?

Also, Aaron has super powers. By which I mean I can't always hear turn signals, and his voice always sounds quiet to me.

You know.. I could almost be tempted to pay the $ it would take to ship it out here. I can always use a good MythTV box.
I'l talk to you once you've returned.

I'm interested. I'll be in Guelph sometime soon and we can talk.

As for the super powers thing, I can also hear the noise a television makes simply by being ON. Sometimes I can even hear them from outside. It's fairly nonspecific though, because I can often not make out what people are saying when they're only on the other side of the room.

(Gord clearly has first dibs, I just wanted to get my name on the list.)

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