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Tuesday, September 27, 2005 


Today I got the copy I bought of Thieves' "Unworthy" CDS in the mail - I ordered it after Todd Burns included a proper link to where you can buy it on my Stycast. It's got two versions of "Unworthy", the edit I'm used to and a longer version with additions that I can't notice yet. It's just the same gorgeous thing for long. It also has b-sides "The Night" and "They Hide", the former of which is kind of undistinguished on first listen, but "They Hide" is pretty awesome.

I don't buy singles very often (and this is a promo copy, to boot), in fact this might be my third single purchase after Orbital's "Are We Here?" and Johnny Cash's "Hurt". But when they're good, they're perfect - it's so much easier to have four great songs than 10.

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