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Sunday, May 21, 2006 

Random bits

So I saw Tokyo Police Club Friday night, on the recommendation of Jer (more specifically here); good show, nice guys, I look forward to hearing the EP. If they're coming to your town, you should probably check them out. They should do more songs about robots, though.

Also, I learned an important lesson about bachelor party BBQs. I wasn't sick or anything, but I did feel like a bag of hammers last night until I napped (napped!) at 11 for about two hours.

My little sister gets home from London England today; it'll be nice to see her again.

I loved Ursala Le Guin's The Lathe of Heaven when I read it in high school, and fairly recently I tackled it again and was impressed at how much better it was than I remembered it being. So I'm especially pleased to see Mark k-punk tackling it in such a characteristically in-depth and fascinating manner.

My listening these days, aside from things I'm reviewing, has been quite calming. What this has to do with a package from Forced Exposure appearing at my door containing the Necks' Drive By, Robert Ashley's sui generis and astounding Private Parts (The Record) and Mountains' self-titled debut (as well as one from Caiman with Nine Horses' Snow Borne Sorrow) is probably pretty self-evident.

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