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Thursday, May 18, 2006 

I wish I'd had essay questions like that

From K's latest dispatch from law school, now that she's finished her exams:

"Oh, and you'll appreciate this... part of the essay question involved a writer named Thomas Pinch, who buys a house on lot 49. I wonder how many other students will pick up on that?"


I haven't been posting too much today because I spent most of the day at the staff retreat, which was more fun than I expected. My team got the "golf prize" (as in, "if this was golf you would win"), and I got three free beers from the occasion. Before going back to work to finish the rest of my shift. Nice.

haha Ian called me at work while drunk. it was fucking awesome.

Shut up, you're going to get me in trouble...

sure sure whatever. no one reads comments. and it's not like you can't just hit the delete button!

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