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Sunday, May 14, 2006 

What the hell did I just see?

So William Shatner is awesome (no, I'm not going to argue that point with you; I agree with Fametracker, especially post-Denny Crane). And he plays a lawyer on TV. But just now, I saw a quick ad for one of those shitty little lawyer firms you see on late-night TV, and Shatner was pitching for them. And it wasn't the fake lawyer he plays on TV, or any other lawyer from that show (as far as I know). It was someone else. Ben was there; he saw it too.

I'm a little afraid, and a little awed. What on earth is that guy up to?

Shatner sold out before selling out was cool. And I lovelovelove the bloat-off he and James Spader are having on "Boston Legal". Their scenes together are so campy they're cool.

Exactly. Spader I can often take or leave, but he's awesome on Boston Legal.

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