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Thursday, June 01, 2006 

Live forever

I like Definitely Maybe probably a little more than the next man, in these parts (although I don't think it's perfect); but even so, the idea that it is best album of all time is practically parodic.

I find it hard to object to the number one, or even the inclusion of Kasabian, as they pale into insignificancecompared to the fact this poll contains the Razorlight album! !! !!!!!!!
And their only big hit wasn't even on the album. Well, except tacked on the rerelease... oh.

I totally missed those two. The fact they're there makes me pretty sad.

Also notable: Kaiser Chiefs' Employment above any Blur album. That one's funny.

In a sick-making way, yes. Drop me a line, please - it's about the Pipettes.

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