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Monday, April 07, 2008 

I can stop any time I want

I guess there's at least one sense in which being an insomniac is like being an addict; after a few weeks of going to bed at 1 am, thinking to myself I've finally got this thing licked, the despair I felt at 5 am, the whole "I thought I was over this!" feeling, must be something like what the recovering alcoholic feels (in type if not in intensity) when they wake up with a hangover again.

In other news, I defend my Master's Thesis ("Art as Intentional Object or Generative Performance: Investigating the Ontologies of Roman Ingarden and David Davies") next Tuesday the 15th at 10 am. I had better get to sleep early the night before.

So, can I come and watch???????????


You're not allowed to, actually. I'll see if I can't smuggle in a video camera.

Best of luck Ian. I'll have my fingers crossed and a beer waiting (though the trip to get it might not be quite worth it).

Thanks! I'm pretty confident all will go smoothly.

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