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Monday, March 31, 2008 


It's good to know that Alan and Mimi have enough of a sense of humour to write that they "are beginning to wonder if maybe THEY are the problem" when they lose another bassist, but I'm also kind of worried about the band now. Well, they've got someone for the tour...

So have they gone through Eric "Stumpy Joe" Childs and Joe "Mama" Besser already?

If they are only starting to wonder if they might be the problem, I would say that most likely they are. All bands have people come and go, but it does reach a point where the Spinal Tap references become appropriate.

I hope they get their shit together.

Didn't Zak Sally actually say as much when he left? Hope it all works out OK for them.

There's a chance I might be seeing them headline the End Of The Road festival in September - partly depends if I can score myself a Glastonbury ticket this Sunday...

Having four bassists in 15 years really isn't _that_ bad, I thought... and I also kind of doubt this is the first time they've wondered if they're the problem (if you see Alan's statement when they had to cancel a tour a while back, for example).

Hope you get to Glasto, Ben, but if not they'd be a good backup option...

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