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Monday, July 21, 2008 

"Some men just want to watch the world burn."

The Dark Knight is the most disturbing super hero movie I have ever seen. It's the most intentionally disturbing super hero movie I have ever seen. It's also the best, and along with Wall-E easily the best film of 2008 (I can't pick between the two for many reasons, and luckily I don't have to). I actually have trouble believing I've actually seen Batman done properly on the big screen. But I did.

The fact that such a bleak, disturbing movie has set box office records is actually perversely reassuring.

I cannot wait for Dark Knight. I am hoping it is the real Batman of the comics made flesh. I was impressed enough with Begins, but if this cuts out anything remotely hammy I'll be pleased. Also, Maggie Gyllenhall is in it, yes?



The only thing even close to hammy is Bale's "I'm Batman" voice, and even that is tolerable.

All superhero voices demand a lot of pinches of salt. So you give Begins a thumbs up? It was bleak for a blockbuster I thought. I'm waiting for Donkey Punch too.

Begins was okay. The Dark Knight is the first Batman movie I plan to buy.

i thought it was mediocre at best. However, I realize I'm in the minority; and, though you and I may like many of the same albums and books, our taste in movies don't overlap nearly as much.

The Dark Knight may be the first super-hero movie that isn't a a "tights and fights" comic book movie; this is Batman as criminal procedural. If it was a serial killer and a private investigator it would work just fine.

This is an attempt at Scorsese in spandex, and has little to do with Batman or his mythos. There isn't anything wrong with that in concept, I just didn't think Nolan and company did it very well.

I liked almost everything about it except the batman voice..

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