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Sunday, November 02, 2008 

And aren't you happy, just to be alive?

I'm not sure why, especially given my attitude towards more household chores (in short: necessary evils), but I find doing the dishes strangely comforting and satisfying.

hmmmm. You should come visit my kitchen for a day.

.....so I can do your dishes?

yes please.

Pay for my plane ticket and you've got a deal. We can go to that drive through guns n' barbeque place.

drive thru guns and liquor! there's bbq next door though.

I wish I had money to fund random plane tickets. Unfortunately, you were just DOWN HERE and failed to come visit, so I can't take you too seriously on this deal. :P

Four hours away by car when I have neither car nor driver's license is not exactly down there! But yes, mistakes were made.

mmmmmhm. That's right, they were. BAD PLANNING.

I'll be sure to insist that my cousins move to Houston before I visit again.

Excellent! Thanks Ian! :)

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