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Tuesday, May 05, 2009 

All over the place

Okay, so I have a review of the new MONO record up today at PopMatters, but more importantly my friends Justin and Jenny do a hell of a job covering the new Akron/Family disc (which I thought was good but not great; the writing here is great though, whatever you think of the band). Also, in a surreal connection, it turns out if you go to the web site for Scott Pilgrim and look at the brief "so what is this any" section, the link they include to something about the song "Scott Pilgrim" is an old top ten list I did for Stylus. Well, Scott McKeating and I did it, but we each took five and the Plumtree song was the top one on my half. I know there's not much written on Plumtree, but still - cool!

I like the MONO record better than you do, but I'm happy to see it get some attention regardless!

You heard the one they did with world's end girlfriend, right? How do you think the two compare?

Honestly I was tempted to give this one an 8, but given what our ratings are supposed to mean (this is why I hate giving records a number) a 7 felt more accurate.

Hey thanks for the shout, Ian.

You'll come around on Akron/Family, I predict it...


I still haven't found an album in this genre that I like more than The Earth Is Not A Cold Dead Place.

Honestly while I still love that album, I often want something a bit... rougher from the genre. Hence the love for Mogwai.

I liked the World's End Girlfriend collab, too, but not quite as intensely as I've liked their other stuff.

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