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Friday, September 04, 2009 

Oh I guess it's Friday

(early Friday morning, anyways - a few more capsule reviews done and I'm going to bed)

After that last post I feel I should point out that my mouth is just fine - after my morning coughing fit I was fine all that day as well, and at this point just over a week after getting two wisdom teeth out I've been eating solid food for 4-5 days, haven't had any painkillers for roughly the same time, and am almost done my antibiotics. My oral surgeon is pretty much a genius, as far as I'm concerned.

Meanwhile things are going well, with the exception of the fact that the couple from Tallahassee (well, like that but with crack replacing alcohol - literally crack, I talked to the cops who showed up today and they're all "known to the police" apparently) moved in across the hall from me, but they're getting evicted on the 8th so all's well that ends with the Sherriff showing up, I suppose.

For now, I am immensely pleased both with my review for Florian Hecker's unsuccessful (I think) Acid in the Style of David Tudor, which I really slaved over, going up on RA today. It's the closest thing to philosophy I've written in a while, and even better the comments there (which, perhaps still being in the mind of the trolls we got at Stylus, I was kind of dreading) are at the very least mild in their disparagement, and mostly are actual, you know, conversation. I really do love Resident Advisor, enough so that I wish I listened to more electronic music, but I've got a few more reviews lined up and I hope to write for them as long as Todd lets me (and again with Stylus in mind, that might be for quite a while...).

You're right in your review about art needing to stand up by itself and producing pleasure independent of analysis. The analysis can come later, and can be applied exahustively. But first there has to be something solid worth analyzing.

Thanks! I've been making some version of this argument for about a decade now, and you'd be surprised how many academics disagree.

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