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Wednesday, December 16, 2009 

drone love honesty sound

Silber, one of my favourite small labels, is having a pretty badass sale right now. You can get the ten records they put out from 1995-2002 that are still in print for $35 ($60 if you're not in the US), or any ten records from a pretty impressive list for $65 ($90 internationally). If you are considering the latter at all, I can especially recommend Aarktica's No Solace in Sleep, Small Life Form's One (reviewing it for Stylus back in the day was my first exposure to Silber), the two Twelve albums (Twelve = Chris Olley from Six By Seven's sort of krautrock band), and especially Alan Sparhawk's Solo Guitar. While you're there, you may also notice they've put up some more free EPs and the like to download.

OK, I didn't take either special, but I order Solo Guitar and something from a band called Black Happy Day. I feel experimental!

I hope you like Solo Guitar! It's pretty uncompromising.

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