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Tuesday, December 15, 2009 

It continues pt. 2

Today sees my album blurb for PopMatters' best of 2009 list, for (of course) the Mountain Goats, coming in at a respectable 18. More importantly, it also sees my review at Blurt of an album I didn't even hear until after voting at PM, Doveman's fucking incredible tour de force The Conformist. I've been doing this music critic thing for a minute or two, and as hopefully some of you have noticed I don't give out a lot of 10/10s, A+s, what have you. Doveman I gave a 10/10. Please find some way to hear this record; it'll be #1 in my Pazz & Jop poll for sure.

I wouldn't have known about that Doveman album had your excellent review not inspired me to check it out. What a truly fine record. It would definitely have been on my Best of 2009 list for BLURT if I'd heard it in time.

Hey thanks! It missed a few of my lists, but that's partly my own fault (thought I'd emailed the publicist and three weeks later realized I hadn't...). With a record like that, knowing I've turned at least someone on to it is pretty much the best possible result.

By the way, as someone who made it part of the way through the last round of 33 1/3 proposals (why, oh why don't they want a Talking Heads book?), I've been eying up your Wire book with both envy and keen interest...

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