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Friday, December 04, 2009 

Grow up, go outside

The online response I've seen to the Singles Jukebox's blurb on Animal Collective's "My Girls" has been infuriatingly dumb. I don't normally care about this sort of thing enough to write about it, but I continually live in hope that people will get over the idea that differences in taste necessarily mean antagonism, and I'm continually disappointed.

That said, as I told some friends, if I read one more comment accusing us of some ridiculous bad faith/disingeneousness, or equating different tastes with being 'out of touch,' I'm going to stab the internet.

I'm not getting 'blurb' as a link - it's underlined but doesn't go any where.

link don't work. but I figured it out. It's weird, I was just arguing the decent-ness of this record the other day with some 17 year old girls who just wouldn't have it. I will join you in stabbing the internets.

I forgot an equal sign. Whoops!

And I'm with you, Katie, but you realize I'm mostly defending the guys who gave it a 0, right?

pfft whatevs. I'm not saying it's great. I don't think it was THAT awful though. Maybe you should join my forum and fight with the 17 year olds :P

It doesn't matter whether you think it's that awful or not, my point is that there's nothing wrong with someone giving "My Girls" a 0, or a 10, or a 6 (what I gave it). You've got people running around acting like the song getting a combined score of (just) under 5 is somehow proof that we hate music or something. It's stupid.

hm. yeah. that's retarded. people are so stupidly sensitive. keeeel themz.

stabbity stabbity stab

You need to be wearing this when you take your revenge on the 'net:


that.... is awesome.

Trust me Erik, I considered buying that t-shirt back at the beginning of the week (before this happened!). I'd never wear it though.

I oh so want Animal Collective to be collectively drowned and motherfuck people and their hard dick opinions, but I will help you murder the Internet.

Merry Christmas to me!

By the way, Stew, having checked them out a little I definitely agree Black One is the best Sun O))) album. Have you heard Earthless?

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