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Tuesday, January 18, 2005 

"Gord Bird on bari sax..."

I'm up at the styPod again, with a blast from the past for anyone who attended high school with me.

Holy shit! I completely forgot about that recording!
Let alone knew that anyone other Gord and myself actually had it.

Those were fun times. Too bad I was never sufficiently good at music to attempt any solos.

I know. I've had that MP3 ever since, and once Stylus started an MP3 blog I knew I'd have to share it with the world someday. I wonder if Gord has seen it yet...

Oh I've seen it alright. I was digging through some old boxes not long ago, and I actually found a box that had never been unpacked from Ontario. Honestly most of what it contained could have stayed lost, but the box did contain a single gem. The 1997 recording of the Jazz Squires. Similar in distortion to this tape, only much more dissonent as we tried to struggle through "Do Nothing Till you Hear from Me", or "Sentimental Mood".
I'll get it encoded this week sometime.

Oh my GOD. You (obviously) have to email those to me when you get them encoded. The shittier the better. I have been to the blog now and read your post - very cool, but linking straight to the MP3 is a little gauche, eh? Ah well, at least you link to the post as well.

Also, I'd forgotten about the hott girl-on-girl action in that KoJ photo. Awesome.

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