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Sunday, January 16, 2005 

I am (not) famous (nor will I ever be)!

I was in the HMV in the mall in my town today to use the gift card Joy had gotten me for Xmas; I was going to pick up Explosions In The Sky's The Earth Is Not A Cold Dead Place since I love it but had only downloaded it before reviewing it here and wanted my own copy (see, RIAA and Canadian equivalent? Downloading isn't killing music!).

It had one of those stickers on it with favorable press blurbs, and there among NME, Magnet and Mojo was Stylus. Only two words ("Absolutely essential"), but still... I got a bit giddy over this, of course. It's the first time I've seen myself quoted out in the "real world", even if only for self-serving capitalist ends; can you blame me?

Also, a "bit" giddy may be a small understatement. I believe I stood there and stared at the sticker for five minutes with a smile on my face. Which kind of shows how mercurial I am, since they only took two words, didn't include my name, nobody looks at those anyways, etc, etc...

I'm still keeping that sticker, though.

That's bloody incredible man. Congrats!


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