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Saturday, March 05, 2005 

In your dreams

So I was living and working (at what don't ask me) on this quasi-military secret research base that was trying to make a time machine. They were going to try to send a brave volunteer 20 minutes forward in time, but instead most of us that lived on the base (including this one cute girl I'd been getting along with pretty well - but I digress) got sent far, far into the future.

Far enough, thankfully, to avoid the quasi-nuclear apocalypse. Most of the dream was then spent exploring the area we found ourself in (which was clearly _another_ fortified base, although this one had been used by a less savoury group than we belonged to, but they were all gone). Near the end of the dream we encountered some scattered survivors who seemed like nice folks, but then we encountered another survivor, who although he'd lost an arm at the elbow had also mutated to, oh, 2-300 feet tall (we were a bit busy running to measure). When the dream ended the cute girl and I (she had a name that I knew in the dream, I just can't recall, okay?) were holed up in a car underneath the awning of the gas station watching him wander away.

The sad thing is, the dream was a lot of fun.

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