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Tuesday, May 31, 2005 

Demon days

So driving home from work tonight the best thing I could find on the radio was "Feel Good Inc.", the chorus (which is inextricable in my mind from the moment in the video where the flying tower finally gets above the clouds into the sunshine) perfectly suiting my mood. But first I had to put up with some dumb asshole calling into the radio station complaining about Gwen Stefani's solo career, talking about how good the No Doubt albums before Tragic Kingdom were(!), and asking what has happened to punk rock(!!).

The capper for me was when he asked what was next, Tim Armstrong making some sort of techno record? Apparantly he's never heard the Transplants record (which ain't techno, but sure as hell isn't what this guy thinks of as punk either). Or, to quote Mitch Clem:

Guys, come on, are we really that far behind? Are we really so stupid that we're concerned about what is and is not punk STILL? After, what, 25 years? If you've written me an email calling me out for not being punk enough for your tastes, you may want to go visit the doctor because you may be suffering from a condition millions of Americans suffer from every day, called being a freaking moron. Go listen to your stupid Exploited records and drink your beer and wear your spikes and call other people who are less fashion conscious than you "posers". You'll be dropping punk in favor of a house in the suburbs, a nine to five job and a military service record soon, trust me.

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