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Saturday, October 01, 2005 

Memo to science fiction fans


I know you're all planning to already, but go see Serenity. The only surprising thing about it is how dark it is (much more in keeping with Whedon's original intentions for the show); on the quality front it's pretty much everything you could ask for (and a few things you couldn't).

Seriously, go see it. Don't make me fetch the nailgun.

I'm a leaf in the wind man, a leaf in the wind.

You fucker.

Actually, I knew about that part before I saw the movie.

Such a good movie.

It really was great. I took a few friends to see it tonight, none of whom had ever seen Firefly, and they all left wanting to watch the series. (Which is not to say that they didn't love the movie.)

I had no idea going in at all. Phenomenal.

Now... am I a fucker or was that aimed at someone else? I don't possibly see how I could be the fucker.

It was sort of aimed at Whedon, and sort of aimed at you, for reminding me.

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