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Thursday, October 06, 2005 

Redeeming qualities

I hate (and delete) comment spam, but it's kind of cool when it gets you to re-read old stuff that's actually good. My Floating World piece on Sloan's Twice Removed had a couple of typos that bugged the shit out of me, but (I think) it's all fixed now, and although it was written from a very different time in my life it holds up pretty well. I think. I kind of wish I had put it up on Stylus now, although I'm not sure if it's too personal for that.

Nice review. I quite like personal writing about music. Probably because (like you said in your criticism piece) that's the level music hits you first; the thinking comes later.

So, you're not going to believe this (especially since I'm a fellow Canadian) but I've never heard a single note of Sloan beyond a couple singles.

Wanna make me a list? I'll download them and burn a mix...

...or I could just make the mix myself and either YSI it to you or even just send over a CDR. I've got the CDs here, so it wouldn't take very long.

well, that'd be even better. YSI or mail will both work -whichever suits you best.

Done and done. You can do me a favour, though; tell me what singles you know, and whether you like them. I'd prefer to avoid putting any songs you hate in the mix.

The Good in Everyone (like)
Everything you've done wrong (like)
The rest of my life (kinda hate)
losing california (is that what it's called?) (like)

I've never heard the one you hate, and the first two were so inescapable I'm not a big fan of them anymore. "Losing California" though (and yes that's the title) is classic. I will get to work on this soon.

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