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Tuesday, November 01, 2005 

"Netiquette" is such a silly neologism

My blogroll, such as it is, is mostly over at Bloglines; I think I'll try to post here when I add something, since otherwise people might not know I'm linking to them. Case in point: Rachel's excellent A List of Lists, which I discovered because we have similar taste in book reviewers. I'm linked over there and I'd hate for her to think I'm not returning the favour.

I'd hate to think you'd hate to think I'd uh, whatever.
Wink smile, without sinking to the indignity of an emoticon. Hah!

"Wink smile, without sinking to the indignity of an emoticon."

I think I'm going to have to start doing that - I hate those little bastards. They always make the user look like a high school student.

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