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Saturday, July 08, 2006 

"No more."

So tonight was a little exciting - after getting the new cable and internet set up (except the pigshit dogfucking internet stopped working properly by the time I got home - mine didn't work, and when I rebooted the modem as directed, Ben's stopped working) we went out to Waterloo to see The Proposition. But first we went to Orange Monkey Music, which is about as good as Encore Records, and where I got Leonard Cohen's Death of a Ladies' Man (serendipity!) and Big Black's Songs About Fucking, and Ben scored a sweet vinyl copy of Goblin's score to Dawn of the Dead. We then ate a hearty meal at a local pub with some excellent beer brewed on the premises and watched the movie, which was much better than I expected (and I expected to like it).

As lean, as brutal, as tense, as tough as all the best Westerns. An outstanding cast (special mention to the always amazing Ray Winstone), good script, excellent direction - and fine music, by Nick Cave (who wrote the damn movie in three weeks!) and Warren Ellis of the Dirty Three. I highly recommend this one, and if it wasn't late and I didn't feel lazy I'd probably go on at length about it.

I almost went and saw this a few weeks ago. but then 30 minutes before the movie, my movie partner ditched me for a last minute dj gig that came up.

come see it with me (again?), ian!

Pay for my plane ticket, and I'm there.

Oh, and I should mention that on the way back to Guelph we listened to the Inside Deep Note 70s porn movie music comp that Mark bought at Orange Monkey at head-splitting volume.

'The Proposition' is something of a tour de force, isn't it?

I just found out about this movie last night and decided I wanted to see it. Now I really want to see it.

You should - Ben isn't wrong to call it a tour de force.

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