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Thursday, July 06, 2006 

The finality principle

So Ken Lay dies; fair enough, it happens. But now that means that "Lay was never convicted, tried or even indicted for Enron misdeeds"? I'm going to have to ask my father if Canadian laws work the same way, and I sure as hell hope they don't. Because the idea that the massive amount of money Lay was due to return somehow just vanishes now is pretty messed up, notwithstanding the fact that civil suits can still be brought. The paranoid part of me wonders if the fucker didn't just fake his death.

(story here)

I was listening to a local hip hop station last night while painting the house. All the DJs on the show were stoned off their asses and the themes of the night revolved around ken lay's ghost haunting the studio (they would all make creepy ghost noises constantly behind whoever was talking or randomly in the middle of songs), whether or not ken lay faked (bought) his own death, and pussylips.

There be lots of pissed off ex enron employees 'round here as of late. justice was definitely not served.

...I kind of want to hear that radio show.

they played that nelly furtado single a lot on it. shit's hott.

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