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Monday, May 14, 2007 


So five or six weeks in I was ready to give up on Heroes, and now as it steamrolls towards the conclusion of the first season it's one of my favourite shows on TV. Next week's finale is going to be a barn-burner, I think - and if Sylar doesn't get put down like a mad dog I'm going to be upset. This week's was fantastic; the show really sunk its hooks in me around the middle of the season, and it wasn't until the masterfully done episode about Mr. Bennett ("Company Man," part 17 of 23) that I was fully addicted. Now I'm just eager to see what happens next.

Global mentioned the fact that the writing staff of the show is divided up, with each writer taking a hero. I love that idea, and I wonder if it's been done before; if not, then I may effectively be watching the most expensive role-playing game ever made.

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